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Our office is currently closed due to COVID 19 control measures. You can contact us via milano_unicatt@esn.it or send us a message on Facebook The section cooperates with the five other Milanese sections under the name ESN Milano United, which have earned them an award for “Best Section Cooperation” at the Warsaw General Assembly. The section`s cooperation mentality goes beyond the Italian borders and ESN Unicatt Milano collaborates with ESN Barcelona UPF and ESN Budapest Corvinus. Integration Weekend September 2016 | ESN Unicatt Milano`s official aftermovie on Vimeo. The section has about 50 active members, including 5 members of the Board of Directors, 3 guarantors and some board members who work on specific projects or activities. The section is divided into 6 working groups – partnerships, communication, ESN projects, tandem, culture and sport. In order to ensure the proper integration of members, the meetings of each working group will be organized on plans for the future and on certain necessary skills. In 2015, ESN Unicatt Milano organized the “Integration Weekend” – the main event of “Welcome Days”. It is an event where participants spend 24 hours together in a country house and organize activities to help them get to know each other. The section is very proud of its “ESN Swim Break| Milano Pool Party” – a flagship project of a section. The event takes place in Italy`s largest water park and is recognized nationally, 24/1000 participants each semester. The responsibility of the organizations published on this site, including the description of positions, rests exclusively with the editorial institutions.

The application is clearly handled by the employer, who is also fully responsible for the recruitment and selection processes. ID of the EURAXESS offer: 572171 Sending organization offers ID: 76430 Biology and epidemiology of pathogens and microbials used in biocontrol, paying special attention to vines. Develop mathematical models to predict epidemics and biocontrol products and integrate them into plant health programs. The candidate will participate in the study of the main biological and epidemiological aspects of pathogens of interest, taking into account the main reference to those relating to vines and the impact of environmental conditions on the development of epidemics. Studies are also being conducted on microorganisms that could be used for biocontrol of the aforementioned pathogens, as well as on naturally occurring phytopharmaceuticals. The studies will be complemented by the development of mathematical models interpreting the relationships between the environment, pathogens and control agents, possibly process-based modeling techniques, and field studies to integrate innovative control models and methods into sustainable phytopharmaceutical protection programs. Participation in national and international research projects and publication of results in international journals are planned. The teaching focuses on plant pathology and plant protection, including in English.

In accordance with the Prime Minister`s decree issued on 3 November, Lombardy is classified as an “orange zone”. Click here to learn more about the latest security measures. The uniqueness of the section lies in its diversity and the capacity of its members. As the university offers a wide variety of courses, members have the appropriate context for their positions. ESN Unicatt Milano is a very close group of friends; They call themselves a family and are very proud of it. Who wouldn`t want to be part of this magical section? Please contact support@euraxess.org if you would like to download all the XML commands.

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