Psychologist Collective Agreement

APEX`s Department of Psychologists represents psychologists working in district health services and education psychologists who work for the Ministry of Education. APEX provides expert representation and support to psychologists who have employment problems related to their work or work problems. First, contact your employment representative. Within the Ministry of Education, psychologists work in schools to identify and treat the different behavioural, learning and developmental difficulties of children. There is evidence that more specialized, secondary, evidence-based psychological treatments are needed to reduce the number of suicides in New Zealand. Read the report here. In district health units, our members work in a wide range of areas, including: psychologists face a number of opportunities and challenges, including the growing demand for their services and the growing recognition of the importance of conversational therapies, both in physical health and in the field of education. However, the acquisition of the profession does not keep up with the demand for psychological services. As far as we know, all health services in the county have now made payments to our members. However, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

All members who work for the county`s health services are in our multi-employer collective agreement. The MECA allows us to negotiate directly with the employer, especially on matters that are important to our profession. The last round of negotiations provided our members with more than $1 million in funds each year.

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