Representation Agreement Form

Representation arrangements and permanent powers are two types of legal documents that allow individuals to plan for the possibility of future disability. These are tools that allow a person to appoint another person to manage their personal and health needs and financial issues if they are not able to do so on their own. There is no definition of a “representation agreement” under the Representation Agreement Act, with the exception of the more tautological “means an agreement under Section 7 or 9.” Section 2 of the Act provides assistance: these certificates are included in the representation agreement regulation. You can find versions of these forms in Word here: Please note that the forms and accompanying instructions are not legal advice. For more information, consult the legislation or seek legal advice. Is aware that the agreement to represent, amend or revoke one of the provisions implies that the agent can make or make decisions about the adult; 3. The obligation to keep accounts and records in the form of paragraphs (a) (c) subsection 1 does not apply to an agent with powers under Section 9, paragraph 1, paragraph g), of the Act, where the representation agreement provides for another form of registration and accounts. Check the information for the section that works best for you before filling out the forms. This will ensure that you reach the corresponding agreement. The “routine financial management” provision, coupled with a very low capacity threshold for an S. 7, means that it can be very useful when an older adult “slips” and they have not made a mandate, trust agreement, common account rules, etc. The adult who made the agreement was present when I signed the agreement on his behalf and I instructed him or her to sign it because he or she could not physically sign it. Contains information about representation agreements in general, and the page menu on the page contains a RA 7 fact sheet, a RA 9 fact sheet, a list of resources and links.

I am neither a representative nor a substitute, nor a witness to the signing of the agreement. I confirm that I am testifying to the signing of the replacement agreement described above by………………… [Adult`s name] or………… [Name of person signing in the name of an adult]. I understand, independently or by the interpreter, the form of communication used by the adult.

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