Video Copyright Agreement Template

VIDEO CLIP CONTRAT OF LICENCE This video video license agreement (agreement) is made and effective [DATE] CONSIDERING that the copyright holder is the copyright holder on certain film recordings identified in this document, and the licensee is the creator and owner of a specific site on the World Wide Web that wishes to integrate the owner`s video clips into this site. A content license agreement is a contract between the content owner, the licensee and the licensee who wishes to publish the content granted on a separate platform, which end users can access. As a general rule, licensed content is protected by copyright, written materials such as articles, essays and blogs, or images, videos and multimedia forms, so that an essential element of a content license agreement is a copyright license from the licensee to the licensee. A copyright license is an authorization from the licensee to use the content in a way that would otherwise infringe the copyright of the licensee. Copyright gives the owner the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute copies, to prepare derivative works and, depending on the type of work, to publicly present and display the copyrighted work. 17 United States. C 106, Typically, a content license agreement gives the licensee the right to reproduce content in a given medium, access or distribute to the end user. The granting of copyright licenses must be explicit, which exclusive rights are granted. Copyright is not the only relevant law, content licensing contracts are also governed by contract law, nationally, federally and even internationally. If your creative works are copyrighted, you can give the recordings on who uses your works and how. A copyright licensing agreement is a contract under which a copyright holder allows another person or company to use its copyrighted material in one way or another: reprint or distribute it, use it for a period of time or more. In return for the use of a copyright, the user will usually pay the owner a fee, or payment based on usage.

This agreement defines in detail how, where and when the copyrighted work can be used. Since the right to use copyright is generally limited and temporary, it is called a license. Don`t confuse a copyright licensing agreement with a copyright assignment that sustainably transfers intellectual property. Other names for this document: Copyright License, Copyright License Contract II. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS. The user is the sole owner of the work and all property rights over and over the work; However, this property does not include copyright ownership over and over property or other property rights that are not expressly granted in this agreement. With one of our licenses, you can use digital content in projects you distribute on online video sharing platforms, but Lens Distortions retains full ownership of digital content and all related files. You cannot claim ownership of digital content (or otherwise) through a content detection and/or recording system (such as YouTube content IDENTIFIANT or Facebook Rights Manager) even if it syncs with your own project. In addition, when downloading videos using digital content to online video sharing platforms, you may need to provide proof of your lens distortion license. “Digital content” – the (s) product (s), music and any other digital material that may be allowed on the site. Digital content does not contain product tutorials, advertising videos accessible via the site, or the “Lens Distortions” mobile application, governed by a separate agreement.

Music Overview – Previews of certain music pieces are only available for internal testing and customer approval on the website.

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