The Hulk Agreement

In December 1997, during the reorganization phase after the bankruptcy, Toy Biz came to an agreement to buy Marvel from the banks. [1] [9] In December 1997, the bankruptcy court appointed, in Icahn`s place, an agent to oversee the company. [9] In April 1998, while the litigation was ongoing, the NYSE discounted Marvel shares. [9] Over the years, Marvel Entertainment has entered into several partnerships and negotiations with other companies in a large number of companies. Starting in 2019 [Update], Marvel entered into licensing agreements with Sony Pictures (for the Spider-Man films) and Universal Pictures (a pre-emptive right, the distribution rights for future Hulk films produced by Marvel Studios) and themed licensing agreements with IMG Worlds of Adventure and Universal Parks & Resorts (for certain Marvel character rights to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Japan). In fact, Paramount distributed Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. Meanwhile, Marvel has struck a deal with Sony to share the Spider-Man production rights in a plan that allows Marvel to use the Wall crawler only for team ups, while Sony still produces and distributes solo spidey tapes. Marvel will clearly not refuse any agreement with other studios to share characters or share the cast if and when the studio wants to make a movie. For now, the character may appear in the MCU due to a deal between Sony and Disney, but as the events of last summer proved, that may not always be the case. Despite all the successes of the MCU entering its 12th year of existence, an obstacle that still seems to be a thorn in the side of marvel studios seems to be the complex issue of character rights.

Kevin Feige and his crew have made great strides in this regard over the years, with Sony`s Spider-Man deal and Disney`s recent merger with Fox to bring the X-Men and Fantastic 4 into the herd, and today a rumor of other potential good news for all fans brings us. MCUCosmic has indicated that Marvel was recently able to acquire full control and rights to Hulk and Namor the Submariner! Universal has the rights to distribute Hulk movies. This means that Marvel can use Hulk as it pleases, but they cannot film Hulk 2 or SheHulk, because then all the winnings go to Universal. It`s the same as Spiderman right now.

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