Uk Japanese Trade Agreement

Dramatic times demand drastic measures and, for Britain, the deal is better than nothing The two countries had reached a broad agreement in September and the deal is expected to boost trade between Britain and Japan by around £15 billion. The UK is committed in trade negotiations to ensure that all future trade agreements protect our NHS and maintain all existing safeguards for our high standards of food safety and animal welfare. Trade Minister Liz Truss triumphed after signing Britain`s first major trade deal with Japan after Brexit last week. “It used to be said that an independent Britain would not be able to make big trade deals or that it would take years to conclude them,” she said. “But today we have proved that the `no` are wrong about this revolutionary and British agreement.” In record time. The UK has officially signed an Economic Partnership Agreement with Japan that marks a historic moment, given that the UK is the first major trade deal as an independent trading nation and provides insight into Britain`s global potential. The long-awaited Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and the UK (EPA) was officially signed on 23 October, the first post-Brexit deal signed by London as an independent nation and amid stagnant trade talks between the EU and the UK. low morality and a resurgence of coronavirus cases across Europe. British Trade Minister Liz Truss paid a special visit to Tokyo to sign the new deal and called it a “pioneer,” although it has been criticized for covering only a small portion of Britain`s economic interests and turning more to Tokyo. What should have been a pioneering deal for international trade relates not so much to the economy as to politics – for Britain, to show that it can negotiate its own deals without the EU and for Japan to give some assurances to its British companies, while Brext remains surrounded by uncertainty. The agreement is also of much broader strategic importance. It opens a clear path to membership in the Comprehensive Trans-Pacific Partnership – which will open up new opportunities for the UK economy and strengthen our economic security – and strengthens ties with a like-minded democracy, omnipotent and a major investor in Britain. While it appears that additional provisions in the UK deal have little impact, trade experts also don`t expect the new deal to be worse than the old one. .

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