To St. Anthony with Saddle Sores at Sunset


Sunset Friday August 22, 2008

Sunset Friday August 22, 2008


On Friday Aug 22nd  Pearson & Pete rode from Butte City to Idaho Falls.  After Pete stopped in Idaho Falls to meet Erin (his girlfiriend) at the airport, Pearson continued on towards St. Anthony, Idaho. 


Since he was facing a head wind Pearson decided to try The Personal Air Transference System (The PAT).  Inspired by an idea from Pat Sheridan he attached at a golf club to the front of his bike (in order to split the wind around him) and increased his speed by 2.5mph.  His ride ended just as the sun dipped below the horizon.


Pearson using The PAT (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

Pearson using The PAT (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)


Wind on the Moon

On Thursday Aug 21st P&P rode with 25mph+ tail winds to Butte City, Idaho passing through Craters of the Moon.  We all walked to the top of a hill at Craters where winds toped more than 50 mph- it was like being in a wind tunnel at the top of the world.


Pearson at the top of Craters of the Moon in windy Idaho (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

Pearson at the top of Craters of the Moon in windy Idaho (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

Pearson suffered 2 flat tires on his on Raleigh Bike.  Tired of changing tubes he cracked out his mountain bike, only for it to go flat as he approached Butte City.



Pearson fixes yet another flat tire

Pearson fixes yet another flat tire


Beauty, Ease & Speed

On Wed Aug 20th Pearson and Pete cycled to Fairfield, Idaho in cooler weather with a tail wind- making for a speedy ride time.  The Idaho high desert is beautiful and the low clouds were made in photography/ filming heaven.


Route 20 Idaho

Route 20 Idaho





11 Responses to “To St. Anthony with Saddle Sores at Sunset”

  1. Mrs. Janet Fagal says:

    The photos are great! How is it that Pete doesn’t seem to get flat tires? Keep having fun and enjoying the beauty of this great country. My father, an Italian immigrant, loved this country and took us to almost every state travelling each August across the country. Those are treasured memories and experiences. Have you seen any difference in the drivers you have encountered out there? Enjoy the time in Yellowstone!!

    Still working on the Skaneateles speaking schedule!

  2. Papa & Nana says:

    Pearson, Pete, Julie & Meghan:

    We’re watching your progress – right on schedule. Great! Keep it up. We’re pulling for you all the way! And so proud of you!


    Papa & Nana

  3. L and K says:

    Hi everyone!
    It is great to read about the adventures you face each day on your ride.
    I hope Pearson gets his tire problem figured out. He seems to keep smiling, though….but maybe he just smiles when he has the camera on him!
    We look forward to seeing photos of Yellowstone. Thanks for keeping this blog going for those of us who love to watch the progress.
    We loved the golf club PAT system…we may be partial to alternative uses for golf clubs! Creative thinking!
    L and K
    The guitar is out of tune already. What will it sound like in October?

  4. Yoma says:

    Hey Guys & Gals:
    Julie—when do you sleep? I see you post in the wee am hours.
    That golf club trick is too much!
    Keep the faith and enjoy the journey.

  5. Jacob says:


    We saw you riding on Highway 20 by St. Anthony on August 23rd and again later that day in Island Park near Harriman State Park. I think it’s great what you are doing and wish you the best of luck on the rest of your trip.


  6. terry says:

    great site enjoy your trip—–bye the way does that PAT—about the wind really work it sound un real—–have an awsome trip and good luck—in lincoln city oregon here

  7. Janet Fagal says:

    WoW! You are even getting comments from “strangers”!! That is great. Do you have one of those magnetic signs on your chase van advertising what you are doing????? Sometimes the best part of this is knowing that you are affecting people you will never meet. They say that about teaching, too. Some famous guy said something like teaching affects eternity, you never know where your influence will reach. Hope that your journey, experience and bikeride will affect lots of people. Maybe we should all put those magnet signs on our cars to advertise your website. Hmmmm. I wonder how much that might cost. Could be an idea.
    Hugs to you Pearson and everyone else.
    Mrs. F.

  8. Murf says:

    Jimmy slow down, Coz speed-up…seems to be causing an issue with the tire wear! Coz if you need more golf clubs, I have a few big ones to cut the path…Keep up the good work.

  9. The Hyatts says:

    So glad to see that you’re moving along at a great pace! Following your progress and loving the beautiful photos of the landscape and your smiling faces (even when changing flats!). Know that the Hyatts are there with you every step of the way! We’re so proud of you and can’t wait to welcome you into Skaneateles!!!

  10. kim baker says:

    I have just come across your site and I am so excited to show my 2 boys (age 9 & 14) who are both avid bike riders, this is so exciting and quite an accomplishment, not to mention excellent cause!! I hesitate to allow them to take long bike trips, as I just feel that the motorists are NOT paying attention…

    Thank you for taking this journey and spreading awareness,(and for recording it!) it’s a shame we don’t have bike paths like the Cape Cod bike trail! (we just spent two weeks camping on the foot of the bike path and rode miles everyday!!!:)

    Good luck and safe travels!

  11. keith says:

    Pearson / Pete

    RE : Saddle sores
    At some time you guys may want to try out this latest preventative.