Pennsylvania and Into NY (without flats!)

On Friday September 19th we started the morning with a photo shoot for the Advertiser-Tribune newspaper in Tiffin, OH and then had a radio interview with a Tiffin radio station.

Later in the day we met with Rob Duncan and reporter Mary Lisa Boose in Norwalk, OH.  Rob’s 18-year-old son Daniel was tragically killed a few weeks ago by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle.  It was an emotional meeting and reminded us how important it is to improve the safety on the roads.  The article Mary Lisa Boose wrote is here:

Outside of Cleveland, Pearson and Pete were riding through heavy suburban traffic when a minivan turned left into them.  Pearson’s front wheel was hit, he put his arms out and caught himself on the side of the van fell on his wrist.  The van tried to drive away, the driver claiming she never saw them.  They were both very shaken and Pearson was badly bruised from the handlebars but it could have been much worse.  Unfortunately the driver did not seem shaken up proving that there is still a long way to go to have drivers respect the vulnerability of cyclists.

Pearson & Pete riding towards Cleveland, OH (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

Pearson & Pete riding towards Cleveland, OH (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

On Saturday September 20th we started the morning by traveling through downtown Cleveland and into suburban strip mall traffic.  We crossed into Pennsylvania and met up with my mom Kathy, my sister Elyse and Meghan’s dad Pat and they all rode the last few miles together.  We then headed over to the Brewerie for Oktoberfest and had an interview with the Erie’s WSEE tv station.  A brief article about the trip appeared in the Erie Newspaper before we arrived

Pete, Elyse, Pearson, Kathy & Pat riding into Erie, PA (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

Pete, Elyse, Pearson, Kathy & Pat riding into Erie, PA (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

On Sunday September 21st we started our rest day in Erie with an interview for WICU tv.  In the evening we had a great home-cooked with my mom and Meghan’s family- Thank you!

On Monday September 22nd we traveled out of Erie and into the vineyards of Northeast, PA and Western New York.  Pearson made it through Pennsylvania without a flat tire!  We enjoyed the sweet smell (and taste) of grapes all day- I wish I had “smell-o-vision” to capture the wonderful aroma and add it to the film. 

Grapes in NY (Photo by Julia Wrona)

Grapes in NY (Photo by Julia Wrona)

We ended the day at Duff’s in Orchard Park, NY (just off Route 20) where we were greeted by my Grandparents, my aunt Joy, her boyfriend Greg, my uncle Jack and aunt Nancy.  We had a brief interview with WIVB tv station and then my Grandparents treated us to a dinner of Duff’s awesome wings- Thank you!

Pearson with Family & Press at Duff's (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

Pearson with Family & Press at Duff's (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

On Tuesday September 23rd some of the 30 miles we “found” in Nebraska (miles Pete and Pearson had to ride that weren’t listed on the itinerary) were “lost” today when we realized it was only 67 miles to Lima, not 90—I think this was a more pleasant surprise than the extra 30. 

As we got close to our destination of Lima, NY there were signs to along the road to greet us and food, wine and beer for us to enjoy at the end thanks to my aunt Christine, aunt Sharon, uncle Dana and cousin Dylan—Thank you!

Pearson & Pete Riding by Welcome Sign Outside of Lima, NY (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

Pearson & Pete Riding by Welcome Sign Outside of Lima, NY (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)


Julia & Meghan with Welcome Sign outside of Lima, NY (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

Julia & Meghan with Welcome Sign outside of Lima, NY (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

We also had a write up in Syracuse’s Post Standard anticipating our arrival there tomorrow:

6 Responses to “Pennsylvania and Into NY (without flats!)”

  1. Geoffrey Carlson says:

    Hi Guys,
    I heard you made it to Skaneateles yesterday. Congratulations and welcome home! I’m sorry to hear about your run-in with the minivan in Cleveland – I hope they caught the driver, and I hope she pays for the damages. I’m glad to hear the rest of your trip went relatively smoothly, and I’m glad you had so much support from your friends and family. I hope your ride to Waterville and Albany goes well; the weather forecast doesn’t look very good, but I hope you make it to your destination all right without getting too wet. We’ll plan to meet you somewhere between Waterville and Albany on Saturday and follow you the rest of the way to Albany, and we’re looking forward to your presentation at the Upstate Artists Guild. Take care and good luck with the ride, and we look forward to seeing you this weekend!
    Best wishes,
    Geoffrey (& Jennifer & Mindy)

  2. Joy says:

    So glad we could meet up with you along the route. Keep up the good work, ride safe and let those drivers (like the one in Cleveland) know bikes share the road!

  3. Mrs. F.'s class says:

    Dear Pearson, Julia, Peter and Meghan,

    We all loved meeting you yesterday. You helped us all learn how important it is to wear a bike helmet every time. Also we learned that when we drive a car we need to share the road with bike riders. Like we should slow down and give the bike rider a few feet!!! We don’t want anyone else to get hurt like you were. We hope the rest of your trip is a safe and good one.

    Every day Mrs. F. gives us a Word of the Day (W.O.D.) and usually they come from the book we are reading like the Wizard of Oz. Yesterday she gave us the word INSPIRATIONAL because that’s what you are. You are a role model and you show us how important it is to do good things in life.

    Ava says “Pearson and Pete are phenomenal bikers!!

    Brahm says ” You are so flexible you are riding on this trip even though you have pain from the accident.”

    Sierra says ” We hope you don’t get hurt again.”

    Kyra says ” I hope you have a safe trip all the way to cape Cod.”

    Karah says “I hope we see you again.”

    Padders says “It is amazing how fast you recovered from your injuries, it would have taken me like 3 years!! ”

    Hannah says ” I hope you don’t fall again.”

    Lily says “I hope that drivers will always look out for bike riders.”

    Mrs. F. says “Tell those people who ask about riding slowly when you are in the road to put on their blinkers to signal on-coming traffic that they are going slower than the limit…at least they are signaling their intentions and not making bikers have to go off road to get out of the way!!!”

    RIDE SAFE!!!!!! From Mrs. F.’s class
    Your new friends from home!!!

  4. Mrs. Janet Fagal says:

    Hope you didn’t have a really wet ride today. It was great to see you all and have a chance to see and hear about your ride and travels. My kids tried to send a comment from school and it is not here, so am wondering how that works. They really loved meeting you, Pearson.
    Ride safe.
    By the way someone called me today and asked for your address to send you a donation!!! I hope you get lots of those as time goes on!!!

  5. Geoffrey Carlson says:

    Hi Guys!
    It was great to see all of you on Saturday. We really enjoyed meeting Pete and Meaghan, and you did a terrific job with your presentation in Albany. I hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday, and I hope the final 3 days of your ride go well for you. Good luck and enjoy the ride through Massachusetts, and we look forward to seeing you in Boston tomorrow!
    Best wishes,
    Geoffrey, Jennifer & Mindy

  6. Mrs. Janet Fagal says:

    I meant “flashers” not “blinkers” in the above comment!!!