The last few days

So its Monday the final Monday of our cross country ride. I have been keeping a journal of each day along this trip which I plan to share next week after we complete the riding and when I have some time to organize my ramblings into coherent passages – so stay tuned or blogged.

I can not say this enough, but this trip has been an incredible experience – painful, loving, exciting, dangerous, challenging, exhausting, silly and rocking.

I owe a personal thanks to many individuals, cyclists, musicians and pals who have given us(me) their attention and compassion through these past seven weeks.

With the end I am saddened and uninterested in returning to new york city. I miss the great west, the vast open space to explore. I also miss making loud music and thinking about art. But, I am looking forward to my new future and where our(Julia and I) next adventure takes us!

Ahhh. never the less there is more to come in the next few days.

Thanks as always & and please be safe and take care of one another, these are really difficult times.

2 Responses to “The last few days”

  1. Cousin Suze says:

    Jim & Pete,

    I wanted to wish you the best mentally and physically as the finals day approaches. I am so proud of you both…I wish I could have experienced the journey with you. I cannot wait to hear the stories and watch the film. I am so sorry to have missed you in Albany as I was in Florida and could not make it. I know the Rt.20 you are on now and realize that this part is only a sliver of the most beautiful country side in the world. Enjoy every last second as it is these moments that you will reflect upon for the rest of your live. Love to all and be safe.

  2. Jessamy says:

    Thank you all for the beautiful images and words! It has been a blast to follow along from my desk chair. I only got 1 flat the entire time.