Oregon is an amazing state!


Pearson & Pete at Route 20's Beginning in Newport Oregon

Pearson & Pete at Route 20's Beginning in Newport Oregon



Pearson and Pete began their cross-country bicycle trip on Nye Beach in Newport Oregon at sunrise on Pearson’s 30th birthday (Tuesday Aug. 12th), they cycled hard and fast for 96 miles to Sweet Home Oregon. Meghan Sheridan (our amazing driver and photographer) and I followed/chased them in our van filming every step of the way.  


Meghan, Pearson, Julia & Pete at Nye Beach in Newport Oregon

Meghan, Pearson, Julia & Pete at Nye Beach in Newport Oregon



After a brief birthday celebration and a short rest we continued our trip on wednesday through the grueling 96 miles of Cascade Mountains from Sweet Home to Bend Oregon.  Pearson rode like an animal,  killing the 4250 foot, 4650 foot and 6400 foot mountain passes in just over 7 hours of pedaling!


Pearson on a brief food break in the Cascade Mountains

Pearson on a brief food break in the Cascade Mountains



Our rest day today in Bend Oregon was great.  We had two media interviews, one for KTVZ Channel 21 and one on KBND Radio News.  We toured the Deschutes Brewery and hung out with Jeff and Patti Evans, two terrific and generous local cyclists.

In addition to touring this incredible country we’ve been receiving a good deal of media attention here are a few links to recent articles:

Gazette Times – Corvallis, Oregon

Newport News Times – Newport, Oregon

Skaneateles Journal – Skaneateles, New York

Auburn Citizen – Auburn, New York

We begin moving again tomorrow, 108 miles into the Oregon Desert in what are anticipated to be record high temperatures.

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  1. Janet Fagal says:

    Hi Pearson, Pete and Julia, (Meaghan,too),

    Today’s page is wonderful. It is so nice to see the photos and to read about how the trip is going. We just covered over 1000 miles in our van going to Chicago and Springfield, Illinois over the last 5 days. I didn’t see many cyclists on the highways but there were a lot in Chicago. I hope that the weather, the bikes and the drivers all cooperate to keep your trip going along smoothly. (When I was young we had to be taken over Little Big Horn by a huge tractor that towed or station wagon and camper trailer over the Pass and I thought that was scary!!!!) Good luck in the desert! Now that I am home I can get busy on that letter I am going to send out for you. I really liked reading what you wrote about your long bike back; not sure I have seen it before. Also Pete Chapman’s article was in the Skan. Journal this week, so if people are reading these articles they are getting a good idea about your passion,your ride and your mission. I got a lovely note from your mother and I can see that you have a lot of supporters, but the most important people you need to reach, all drivers, may eventually get a better education thanks to all of your efforts. I hope the ride is fun, invigorating and healing. I hope you get lots of publicity along the way and in the future as you complete this portion of your goal. All the best and I will be thinking of you and tracking your progress. We are set at the Skaneateles Library for Sept. 25 at 7:30. The rest is still in the planning stage. But I am sure we will work out a variety of speaking opportunities for you here in Skaneateles.

    Take good care,
    Mrs. F.

  2. Elyse says:

    Thanks for the update and pictures! I’m glad to hear things are going well — Happy Belated Birthday Pearson!!! Good luck, stay safe and have fun! I can’t wait to hear more details.

  3. Yoma says:

    Lads & Ladies:

    You all look awesome—especially Pearson! Keep the faith and know we’re all praying/pulling for you.

  4. August 15th – Thinking of you guys…Winston Churchill said “never, never, never quit!” Just a little inspiration for the day…Suzanne, Craig, William, Catherine…and Aunt Mary Anne!

  5. “Never, Never, Never quit” Winston Churchill. Love, Suzanne, Craig, William, Catherine and aunt Mary Anne.

  6. Ok so we are not that good at blogging! Is there an echo in here!

  7. Duryea says:

    Great to hear you are doing well… Looks like the weather is cooperating so far (knock on wood). We’re all thinking of you. Someone above left an inspirational quote by Churchill. Here is one of my favorite stories/quotes from an interview of Kurt Vonegut I hope is inspirational for you guys:

    “[When Vonnegut tells his wife he’s going out to buy an envelope] Oh, she says well, you’re not a poor man. You know, why don’t you go online and buy a hundred envelopes and put them in the closet? And so I pretend not to hear her. And go out to get an envelope because I’m going to have a hell of a good time in the process of buying one envelope. I meet a lot of people. And, see some great looking babes. And a fire engine goes by. And I give them the thumbs up. And, and ask a woman what kind of dog that is. And, and I don’t know. The moral of the story is, is we’re here on Earth to fart around. And, of course, the computers will do us out of that. And, what the computer people don’t realize, or they don’t care, is we’re dancing animals. You know, we love to move around. And, we’re not supposed to dance at all anymore.”
    Interview by David Brancaccio, NOW (PBS) (7 October 2005)

  8. Yoma says:

    Sadly, from the area you travelled recently, a cyclist was killed by a motorist who wasn’t paying attention: http://www.ktvz.com/Global/story.asp?S=8837949

  9. Amy and Todd Diel says:

    Hey Pete and everyone else!!!!
    Just been checking up on how everything is going and all seems great for you guys. We are amazed at how much you have biked already and your journey has just begun. We imagine you are having some good times and meeting interesting people. There is nothing new here in DeWitt except Todd has a bad case of poison ivy. Hang in there everyone and enjoy!!!
    Best Wishes,
    Todd and Amy

  10. Janet Fagal says:


    Check out a good article about the ride. You are so RIGHT, Pearson.

  11. Mitch Major says:

    Hey guys – My class has been tracking your progress, and we have one question…who hit the ball further at The Field of Dreams? It looks like Pete dropped his back shoulder a bit early…he always had trouble with that…too many big pop flies.
    Mitch Major