Greetings from Idaho!


From a stop in Little America, Wyoming

From a stop in Little America, Wyoming

We’re one day away from Oregon and three days away from the start of the cross-country bike ride!  We’ve been driving across this incredible country- seeing by car the diverse landscape and people.  It’s been eye-opening and has further built our anticipation to truly experience this vast country at 15-20 mph and meet the people in the places we’ve just buzzed through.


All best,

Pearson & Julia 




5 Responses to “Greetings from Idaho!”

  1. Murf says:


    I saw Pete yesterday, and we gave him a send-off. His training program is impressive and he is in the shape of his life. You might want to move your timeline up as a result. I’ll ride along route 20 with you from the crossroads 41a to 41. May the wind always be at your back, safe trip!

  2. Yoma says:

    Hope the weather is always at your back and the sun shines softly.

  3. Duryea says:

    That pic is sweet… Standing by in Albany. If you need anything please call. Wish I was there with you… Duryea

  4. Erik DeKold says:

    Have fun and ride safe!

  5. Jeff & Patti Evans says:

    Patti & I enjoyed the time spent with all of you at Bend Brewing Company (BBC). We wish you every success in this amazing journey along with the safest of travels.
    If you ever want to come back to Bend for another chat, you all have a place to stay. “Enjoy the red” and the upcoming anniversary. Sorry Peter, it’s their anniversary which is why we gave you another.
    BTW: I’ll certainly be back in the saddle by then!!!

    Best of everything

    Jeff & Patti