A year from the finish

It has been a year since we finished.  A year since we ran out of road.  A year since we rode our bikes into the Atlantic.  In this year there were speeches given, blogs written, YouTube videos posted, and support given by cyclists, drivers, celebrities and government officials.

But as reported by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System :


In 2008, 716 cyclists were killed on our roads 15 more avoidable deaths than in 2007 despite 104,000,000,000 fewer miles driven.

As drivers we are being more careless than ever regardless of age or experience.  Much more needs to be done.  No one who rides a bike should become a victim. Please ride safe.  Be smart.

Cycling versus Cars, a race:

Last May in New York City the bicycle took its eighth straight title in the annual fastest way to get to work race, beating a taxi-cab by 30 minutes.  In Saul Paulo Brazil, where commuters spend up to 3 hours a day sitting in traffic (that’s 2 working days a week!) the bike even outdid a helicopter.  The bicycle is fastest most efficient way to travel through a congested city.  I would wager that a bicycle would outdo nearly all means of travel in most cities around the world.

Cycle commuting is not the, be all end all, but if we’re looking to decongest an overtaxed system of roads it is proving itself an exciting solution.  That said, I do love my car, it takes me to incredible places to ride my bike.  Most recently to Prince Edward Island, which could be North America’s bicycle Walden or Walden II since we’re thinking so “out of the box”.  For starters PEI has 350 kilometers of converted railway known as the Confederation Trail set aside for cycling (any non motorized travel) connecting the east point to the north point of the island with a delicious soft brush stone path, ideal for peaceful passage.  The island’s paved and unpaved roadways were dotted with courteous drivers, whether I was walking, cycling or driving I never felt threatened.  Since PEI is almost a thousand miles away from New York, Portland Maine, was a good spot to stop, rest and go for a ride.  The traffic was very respectful, yielding and gracious, traffic I haven’t experienced since the logging trucks on Route 20 out of Newport, Oregon.

Thus proving that drivers are capable of being courteous so why aren’t we always this way?  Although we are driving less, when we do get in the car let’s remember to take a deep breath and yield to the other traffic, especially the non-motorized kind.

October 1, 2009

Pearson – New York

One Response to “A year from the finish”

  1. Megs says:

    I agree Pearson. I miss you guys and that trip was a real eye-opener for me. If I ever do come back to the states I think I may have to move to Oregon or Idaho. Just far more courteous people, on and off the roads. Far too many cyclists being killed by ignorant people that don’t know how to handle their own vehicles. Love you man (and Jules).