Welcome to the official blog for THE LONG BIKE BACK!

Pearson & Pete riding in NYC

Here you will find postings from Pearson and Pete about their cross-country bicycle trip and their advocacy mission.  You’ll also find updates from Julia about the documentary film chronicling Pearson’s journey back to the bike.  You can still find our full website at www.longbikeback.com

We are in the final weeks of fundraising and planning before the epic trip and film shoot (tax-deductible donations can be made by going to www.filmforum.org/sponsorship and choosing Julia Wrona / The Long Bike Back from the drop down menu).  The trip begins in Newport Oregon on August 12, Pearson’s 30th birthday, it will cover all of US Route 20 and end in Cape Cod Massachusetts on October 1st.  Check back here often for notes, thoughts, ramblings and photos from the trip.

Have a great summer and enjoy your bike!

-THE LONG BIKE BACK team: Pearson, Pete & Julia

Pete, Julia & Pearson after the Ride of Silence


9 Responses to “Welcome to the official blog for THE LONG BIKE BACK!”

  1. Erin says:

    AWESOME! Thanks so much for providing a way for everyone to keep track of you guys!

  2. Chris says:

    Hey guys, looking forward to seeing your adventures along the way, Can’t believe the trip is right around the corner, BEST OF LUCK!

  3. Chris Lynch says:

    Congrats on putting this together and best of luck on your journey….hopefully I’ll catch up with you guys in WY!!!!

  4. Jay Chambers says:

    Howdy fellows.

    Glad to hear all is on the mend and that you will be sharing this adventure together. Looking forward to reading about the details of your journey.

    All the best from Colorado.


  5. Webb says:

    **Safe travels to the brothers**
    I made copies of the newspaper articles and your flyer and keep them in my car. Whenever I pass a new bike shop, I run in with them and share them with the manager. Now I am on the prowl scouting for someone rich who will donate money to you! After they donate some to me first, of course.
    I hope you have only a few small blisters; no sunburns or bee stings; kind drivers of automobiles passing you by; good, clean cold water to drink, and a fountain coke when you need one. I hope you have all of the money your trip requires; super healthy insides to make it that much easier; note paper to write on, and stamps to mail postcards home with; clean socks and undies and a comfy bed at night to fall onto. Coz- that little old spiral red Mead notebook you’ve had since 199_ needs part II added to it soon… say, around this November. Let your freak flags fly, boys.

  6. Karl Byerley says:

    I live near Lena,IL (about 2 miles from Hwy 20). I’m about 45 miles East of Galena and 12 miles NorthWest of Freeport. I am 70 yo and ride a TourEasy long wheelbase recumbent. What bikes are you guys riding? I’d love to join you for a small portion of your ride if I am available. Much of hwy 20 near me has little shoulders and lots of traffic (2 lane + lots of semi’s). Wishing both of you the best for your ride. Go for it !

  7. RAY klein says:

    Lots of luck on your cross country, I’ve done it three times.
    Are you sure you went 79 mph on rt. 20? You might get a ticket.

  8. Jeff Evans says:

    Looking forward to seeing you here in Bend, OR.

  9. Tom Beardsley says:

    Coz, Pearson & Julia:

    This is very cool. Have a blast and get out of the Oregon Mountains before they require chains. New Orleans is rooting for you, too!