Idling in Idaho


Pearson & Pete Entering Idaho (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)

Pearson & Pete Entering Idaho (Photo by Meghan Sheridan)



We arrived in Boise Idaho last night and had a nice rest day today– we finally got some sleep.  


Flat #2 at the Snake River on the Oregon/Idaho Border

Flat #2 at the Snake River on the Oregon/Idaho Border



Pearson had another flat tire just before entering Idaho and this time changing the tube went much more smoothly.  Unfortunately, his back rim was bent and the 3rd day of 110+ degrees fried his bike computer- so we made a trip to Pedersen’s Sports in Boise today and Michael Weiser was fabulously helpful: tuning up both Pearson and Pete’s bikes!

We’re off to Fairfield Idaho tomorrow- through a long detour around US 20s merge with I-84.

All best, Julia

8 Responses to “Idling in Idaho”

  1. Julia and Pete says:

    We are so excited for you both, (actually, everyone). Having been to Oregon an lived in Washington, we know how beautiful it is and what an amazing adventure you will be having as you travel east. We will keep track of you. All the best!! Martha Wrona

  2. Jake says:

    Hi guys,

    Greetings from Newport. Hope all is going well so far and I hope everything continues to go well. I know it is still a couple days away, but I hope you all have fun in Yellowstone.

    News-Times sports

  3. Robin and Doug says:

    Hi, Pete.

    We re in Mexico and just wanted to check in on your trip! Looks and sounds exciting! we ll see you soon in Saratoga! Pedal strong!! Have fun!

    Robin and Doug

  4. Elyse says:

    Keep up the good work Julie and Meghan! I’m sure you two are suffering out there in the heat as well, especially lugging around equipment. It is great to read your posts Julie and to see your pictures Meghan. Keep your spirits up and I hope the weather becomes more agreeable. Good luck and have some fun!

  5. Neil says:

    Keep it up you guys! It’s bound to cool down eventually!

  6. Geoffrey Carlson says:

    Hi Julia & Pearson!
    Glad to see you made it to Idaho all right! I enjoyed the newspaper articles from Oregon, and I’m glad the first couple of days went well. I’m sorry you had to deal with the strong headwinds and 110-degree heat in eastern Oregon, but hopefully the temperatures will be more bearable the rest of the way. Take care and enjoy the rest of the ride, and I look forward to seeing you in upstate New York next month!
    Best wishes,

  7. Doctor says:

    Hey everybody, just wanted you to know I am watching it all day by day with baited breath…. It looks amazing out there, despite the ridiculous heat you’re all dealing with. I wish I was out there with you and wish you the best… Meet you in the Skinny.


  8. Eric V. says:

    It was nice meeting you in the park in Mountain Home. You should be in Idaho Falls by now. I hope your trip across the high desert prairie went well. I look forward to tracking you. I’ll share your site with my students next week when school starts. I was just looking at my lesson plans and realized that the second week of school is when we do our bike safety unit. Take Care!