Sunday 8. 31.08

I’m sitting in Thermopolis, Wyoming, in an old Holiday Inn, that has a gun display in the lobby.  My body is sore this morning, but I’m itching to get on my bike today.  Tonight we’ll stop in Casper, Wyoming, 134 miles down the road. 


All in all though things are going well, thanks for everyone’s ideas about my flat tires, although a few flats are nothing shocking, what is, is the awful condition of the roads.  The shoulders are full of jagged rocks, trailer spikes, endless broken glass and miles of worthless rumble strips. That said I would say that my bikes have held up well to the brutal punishment.


I have been keeping a riding journal, which I intend to share here, although today is not the day. 


I will mention that we’ve ridden through nothing short of amazing country.  Idaho blew my mind, Yellowstone was remarkable and peculiar with the last seven miles to the east entrance being the best cycling so far in the trip, all down hill for 3000+ feet at 40 mph.


Shortly after we crossed through the North Absaroka Wilderness, part of the Shonshone National Forest where the Gunbarrel Forest Fire coated the sky with an enormous smoke canopy for the remaining 60 miles to Emblem, Wyoming.  It was a stunning sight, incredibly beautiful yet destructive and horrifying, a sight I will not soon forget.


Currently I’m thinking about New Orleans, thinking about the future of our country and hoping nothing but the best for every person in this great land. 


Best –



4 Responses to “Sunday 8. 31.08”

  1. Erin says:

    I will be thinking about you guys today….crossing my fingers for perfect weather, tail winds and strong bodies. Stay hydrated, fueled, and positive.
    I miss you all!

  2. Yoma says:

    To All:
    Ride Strong, Ride Safe, Enjoy Life, Thank the Creator.

  3. L and K says:

    Hi everyone,
    Pearson, that was quite a morning entry. I hope you all made it to Casper WY safely. 134 miles seems incredibly long for one day. And, I don’t even see that on my itinerary, so I’ll have to look at my map to figure out where you are.
    Labor Day tomorrow….a sad day for teachers…as much as we love our jobs, it is the beginning of a whole year and the end of our summer.
    I wish you well as you travel through eastern Wyoming. Stay safe and strong.

  4. L and K says:

    I forgot to thank you for the postcard from Yellowstone. I of course loved the moose! Thank you so much for thinking of us on your ride. We think of you every day, knowing that it brings you closer to the east coast and to home.