Oh Canada, Oh NO!

May 20th, 2010

Oh Canada, I expect better from you.  The horrific crash last week is tragic and really awful, made far worse by the ugly comments folks have written and posted to the CBC News website where this article comes from.

(Article copied below without permission from CBC News- Montreal)

Quebec truck crash kills 3 cyclists, injures 3

Accident was like a ‘bowling match,’ survivor says

Last Updated: Friday, May 14, 2010 | 10:50 PM ET Comments896Recommend424

The accident that killed three cyclists and injured three others southeast of Montreal on Friday was like a “bowling match,” says one of the survivors.

The cyclists, all from Montreal’s south shore, were hit from behind by a pickup truck.

“I felt like I was flying and everyone around me was flying,” Jean Dessureault said.

Cyclists Sandra de la Garza Aguilar, left, and Christine Deschamps, were killed when they were struck by a pickup truck in Rougemont, Que. A third cyclist, Lyn Duhamel, also died.

Cyclists Sandra de la Garza Aguilar, left, and Christine Deschamps, were killed when they were struck by a pickup truck in Rougemont, Que. A third cyclist, Lyn Duhamel, also died. (Saint-Lambert Triathlon Club/CBC)The cyclists, members of the Saint-Lambert Triathlon Club, were training for an Ironman competition in Lake Placid, N.Y., in July, Dessureault told the CBC’s French-language service.

The three women who died have been identified as Sandra de la Garza Aguilar, 36, of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Que., Lyn Duhamel, 39, of Boucherville, Que., and Christine Deschamps, 44, of Brossard, Que.

Dessureault, and the two other injured cyclists — both women — were released from hospital on Friday afternoon.

“We trained together all the time,” Dessureault said. “It is horrible — they were young women in perfect health.”

Heading to Sherbrooke

The crash scene stretched more than 30 metres along Highway 112 near Rougemont and was strewn with mangled bike frames, shoes, water bottles and a wristwatch.

The cyclists are friends who regularly ride together and were en route to Sherbrooke on Friday morning as part of their training for the triathlon season, police said.

The pickup struck them just before 10 a.m. The truck driver, who was heading east at the time, was not injured. Police said he rushed to help the cyclists and administered first aid.

“The driver of the vehicle in question was a man and alcohol is not a factor,” said Quebec provincial police Sgt. Claude Denis

.Cyclist Jean Dessureault, who survived the crash, said it felt like a 'bowling match.'

Cyclist Jean Dessureault, who survived the crash, said it felt like a ‘bowling match.’ (CBC)

He said it was too soon to say what caused the accident or whether charges will be laid.

The group was training at the same time as a faster pack of riders farther down the road.

Shortly before the crash, the survivors had been riding two by two, said a spokesman for the club, Éric Lemyre. But they returned to a single file formation because the road had no paved shoulder.

“They didn’t even see the car coming, everything was very quick,” Lemyre said. “[all of a sudden], three people they love were lying on the street.”

The weather was cloudy, but no rain was reported in the morning. Highway traffic was rerouted while police investigated.

The highway was closed until just before 8 p.m.

No paved shoulders

Bruno Sévigny, a member of the same cycling club, was riding about an hour behind the victims on Friday.

Six cyclists were en route to Sherbrooke as part of their training for triathlon season when the crash happened.

Six cyclists were en route to Sherbrooke as part of their training for triathlon season when the crash happened. (CBC)

Still dressed in his cycling gear, he told reporters on the scene he was in complete shock.

“It’s obviously very dangerous here,” Sévigny said.

Marc Villeneuve, a resident in the region, said he regularly rides around Rougemont but doesn’t use Highway 112 because it has no paved shoulders.

“I avoid that area,” he told CBC News, standing near the crash scene. “There is no shoulder on the road. So even if the car [lanes] are doubled on each side, the traffic is very fast and there’s gravel on the [side].

“It’s very dangerous.”

Officials with Quebec’s Transport Ministry said the province had already planned to repave the section of the highway where the crash occurred and would also pave the shoulders.

Work is to start in the next few weeks, said ministry spokeswoman Julie Morin.

Cyclists have ‘right to be there’

The crash is a tragic reminder for transport officials about the pressing need to make roads safer for two-wheeled vehicles, said Suzanne Lareau, president of cycling advocacy group Vélo-Québec.

Under Quebec highway rules, any road travelled by more than 5,000 vehicles a day must have paved shoulders.

Police say they aren't sure how many cyclists were directly struck by the truck.

Police say they aren’t sure how many cyclists were directly struck by the truck. (Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)

“I can’t understand why on this part of the road, why the shoulder was not paved,” she said.

The accident is an occasion to remind drivers of the need to share the road with cyclists, said Jean-Marie de Koninck, president of the province’s Road Safety Experts Group.

“You have to slow down because the cyclists have the right to be there, and you must leave them enough space to drive safely,” de Koninck said.

The crash bears a chilling resemblance to a similar incident last summer in Ottawa, when five experienced cyclists were struck.

None of them died, but one spent months recovering in hospital. The driver in that incident has been charged with hit and run.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/montreal/story/2010/05/14/quebec-cycling-accident.html#socialcomments#ixzz0oCTw1L81

CBC News

The comments that follow the article are irrational, senseless and lack regard for human life. Not all of them, but enough to break my heart. What the hell is wrong with you people to the north? I expect harsh and merciless comments from the lower 48 and upper 49th but wow you folks are truly Americanized now.

One of the ideas talked about in the article’s sounding board was about making cyclist’s stick to bicycle paths. Cyclist should not be relegated to only riding along bicycle paths, contrary to what so many drivers would have us believe. By the way, when I hear a driver say that, to me it sounds like they are admitting their unwillingness to share the road. Bicycle paths are used by cyclists of all riding styles, but are not proper places for high speed training. Imagine if you were out riding with your children and out of nowhere comes a skin-suited roadie shouting,” On your Left!” you’d jump and your kids would probably crash.

A few years ago my mother was riding on a verdant gentle Cape Cod path and was hit by a skin suited roadie who not man enough to take his “training” to the streets with the rest of us. My mom was minding her own business, riding with my Dad, when out of nowhere came a maniac shouting,”On your left!”.  This startled her and caused her to jerk her handle bars as she craned her neck to see what was coming at her, she tumbled to the ground and bruised her ribs. She has no interest in bicycling again.  Paved bicycle paths are a wonderful addition to our towns and cities but will never, and should never be the only places we ride, nor should they be used irresponsibly by more “advanced” riders.

Yesterday as I rolled off a (dirt) trail, a bumblebee on a Cervelo tri bike wooshed passed me so I decided to use what was left in my tank to try and catch up and suck his wheel. I worked hard and eventually caught him.  His dirty looks made me laugh and I could sense his frustration growing the longer I stayed with him, while wearing my baggy mid-ranger Fox shorts and riding beloved 29er, . Which sadly, I think was the reason he made some stupid traffic decisions, like blowing through a red light without stopping. I actually stopped and almost caught him again, because he kept turning back to see if I was coming. To my surprise, when he made his u-turn to retreat he offered me his middle finger (not the Contador greeting) I was shocked, so I posed this query to the bumblebee : “what’s worse the nipple chaff from your bib or the top tube chaff on your gut?”

In all seriousness though, the images from Quebec are hard for me to look at and I hope scare the hell out of the drivers who see them. Regardless of how you feel about cyclists on “your” roads, killing them is a ridiculous response, bicycles are human powered vehicles, remember that. Please pay more attention and try and recall that you once probably rode a bicycle and I would wager that your children are out doing so right now.


The Ride of Silence

May 18th, 2010

Join us for a slow-paced, silent bike ride in memorial of cyclists killed or injured by cars on our roadways.  This is one of more than 300 rides taking place all over the world at 7pm on Wednesday May 19th.  This ride will also peacefully remind drivers that they share the road with cyclists and pedestrians.

Gather at 6:45pm on Wednesday May 19th at 975 Central Park Avenue (Midway Shopping Center Parking Lot- near Panera)

We will ride up Central Ave at 7pm.  The 9 mile route will pass the site where Pearson was hit in 2006 and continue up to Rt 119, passing the Ghost Bike in Memorial of Merrill Cassell.  Merrill Cassell was a cycling advocate who was tragically killed by a bus in November 2009.

Find a Ride of Silence in your area: USInternational

More information about the Ride of Silence: rideofsilence.org

Ride of Silence Poem
by Mike Murgas
Tonight we number many but ride as one
In honor of those not with us, friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, sons
With helmets on tight and heads down low,
We ride in silence, cautious and slow
The wheels start spinning in the lead pack
But tonight we ride and no one attacks
The dark sunglasses cover our tears
Remembering those we held so dear
Tonight’s ride is to make others aware
The road is there for all to share
To those not with us or by our side,
May God be your partner on your final ride

El Pistolero

May 4th, 2010

Twice in the same week…….

While passing road riders I’ve been Finger Banged!


Since when has Alberto Contador’s Pistolero become friendlier than

"Hello, enjoy your ride today."

and apparently the new call sign of riders in white lycra advertising their availability for seasonal work as Santa Claus at the Galleria?

Last Monday, I popped off a trail and onto the road when I came across a guy suffering on a pristine beautiful Serotta.

My wave was responded with a shot from his trigger finger!  An action I could interpret a couple of ways.

1. He thinks I am younger than I am and only young people ride off road because we lack the sophistication to ride a Serrotta.

2. He’s condescending me because I could never understand what it takes to be of the caliber rider it takes to ride a Serotta.

3. Or he’s just insecure and thinks that’s what “Ridazz” do.  (Which to my knowledge they don’t, I’m assuming he’s assumed they do…..)

A few days of decent riding later came a bright and unseasonably warm Friday, out early I encountered three fluorescent figures coming towards me in the opposite lane, riding three abreast.

I could see the line of cars forming behind them as one pulled out to get around (this was about 8 am, prime morning rush) these three oblivious and selfish goofs.  As I recovered from thwarting a near head-on collision there it was again “El Pistolero” from the middle rider.  After an inside chuckle I shouted, “Get Out of the road!”  Which left them confused, so I shot a quick

please don't confuse my love of rock music w/any adoration for the now bankrupt Rock Racing

and then watched all three roll on by in their homage to Homer Simpson continuing to give all cyclists a bad name.

The non-cyclists I meet who learn I’ve ridden across the US seem to ask me the following questions :

  1. Do I shave my legs?
  2. Am I one of those guys in the silly shorts?
  3. Have I ever heard of Lance Armstrong?

Then invariably the same story comes out,” Last weekend I was driving in Norwalk (Or wherever, I chose Norwalk because that was the scene of last story like this I heard) and there was this long line of riders, taking up the whole lane, I couldn’t pass them for miles!  I was like dude, get out of the way man!”

Having taken part in large group rides where the pace is all out as fast as you can go, it’s intense and I understand losing yourself in the moment and forgetting about the cars but in reality there’s no defense for acting that way.

I know I’m making enemies by saying the things that need to be said but I’ve had the unique opportunity to see my own cycling/road sharing behavior on film.  My brother and I took up the lane of a single-lane highway across parts of Nebraska and in the film you can clearly see how some drivers had to struggle to get around us safely.

That is not good road sharing.  It’s not an excuse for a driver to run one of us off the road or hit us, but if cyclists want to be taken seriously we must treat the drivers of cars like children: give them as little opportunity to fail as possible and reward their “good behavior.”

Since most recreational spandex wearing, finger banging cyclists also drive, how come they don’t cycle like they drive?  Imagine if they drove like they cycled, it would be mayhem all over the roads!  Two really expensive cars slowly driving next to each other talking about carbon fiber and gear ratios they don’t fully grasp, as a line of vehicles waits behind them without the chance to pass.

As a cyclist who drives, I do not understand why as cyclists we feel we own the road and can do whatever we want, whenever we want.  Every time a hipster runs a red light nearly escaping a collision and the driver gives them the finger, or some goatee yellow jacket wearing know-it-all clubman cuts off a soccer mom, a hostile environment is created. When I get finger banged by these guys, I’m not just laughing at the silliness of that action as much as I recognize how much more of a target I am because of their irresponsible road sharing.

So as far as waiving your gel glove enclosed plushy-finger-gun at me, go right ahead.  I’ll still laugh at you and ride with you, so long as you pick up the tab at the bar later.

Let’s be safe this bike month and make an effort to share the road.


Bicycle Advocacy Progress in New York State

April 26th, 2010

Pearson on a ride in Albany, NY after the Legislative Breakfast

Last Wednesday Pearson and I attended the New York Bicycle Coalition‘s Legislative Breakfast in Albany.  At this annual event, a variety of people speak about ongoing bicycle advocacy in New York State and about what should be worked on to make bicycling more accessible and safe.

Pearson spoke last year about his recovery from the hit-and-run and the need for more legislative protection for bikes, including the ‘Complete Streets’ bill and a 3-foot passing law.  This year our Assemblywoman Amy Paulin closed the breakfast by introducing the 3 foot passing bill that she is co-sponsoring.  The bill was introduced in the assembly and senate on Friday and will be known as “Merill’s Law”.  This law will require drivers to stay at least 3 feet away from cyclists at all times.  I personally don’t like the caveat that reads “This buffer zone will only be enforceable when circumstances are practicable.” But this is still a great step to protect bicyclists on our roads.  Many other states have already passed similar laws.

Robert Zerillo, the director of the NYSDOT policy and planning division, also spoke and gave us a sneak preview of the updated Bicycle and Pedestrian policy.  This is the first update of the policy since 1996 and it is much more comprehensive than the original document.  It opens: “The New York State Department of Transportation will promote pedestrian and bicycle travel for all persons on the state transportation system.”  The entire two page document is below, along with the original 1996 policy.  And the full Bicycling and Pedestrian Plan from 1997 is available here.

NYSDOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Policy Page1

2010 NYSDOT Bicycle & Pedestrian Policy Page1

1996 Bicycle & Pedestrian Policy

Excitement for cycling continues to build in New York and around the country, so let’s take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and ride!

Spring in Bloom

and another week goes on with more and more cyclists getting hurt by bad driving…..

March 25th, 2010

Do you come to a complete stop at every stop sign?

Just because we can legally ride two abreast and occupy the lane does it mean we should?  Obviously, it’s enraging motorists.  Recently while watching footage from our film, Peter and I were riding side by side in the lane.  Not only do I feel like a hypocrite but also frightened because we were too busy talking, laughing and enjoying the scenery and not paying nearly enough attention to what was coming up behind us, despite having helmet mirrors.  I know how hard it is going to be to break this habit, but we need to try if the roads are going to be shared.  Just because we’re smaller and lighter, doesn’t mean we need to be the boldest or the most obnoxious.

For cyclists to be less preyed upon by the TruckNutz Dangling hothead SUV drivers or oblivious soccer moms we need to do a lot more to protect ourselves and to be more on the defensive.

With that said, the reality is that the police are not going to protect us and they are not going to thoroughly investigate the collisions that kill us.  This week it was reported that a cyclist was killed while riding on a bicycle path!  A 13 year old who was stopped at a stop sign on his bike was hit by a school bus!  Drivers are not looking for us or pedestrians, so let’s make them and this needs to come from all of us, not just the “granola crunchers” or the recumbies or the uber safer’s.  But the clubman, the weekend century roller, the fixedhipster, the bmx punk, the trickster, people who ride these things, racers, commuters, group riders and this guy.

We are reclaiming our place on the roads, our history is longer than that of the car, let’s be the example of sharing the tarmac despite how hard it is when you read headlines like these:

Bicyclists don’t need ‘three foot rule’

Baltimore Sun – Second, that bike lanes advance the use of bicycles and safety of bicyclists. They don’t. And third, that any form of feel good legislation aimed at errant

Child on bicycle struck by minivan in Terra Bella

Visalia Times-Deltan – A 7-year-old bicyclist was struck by a minivan in Terra Bella on Sunday, the Tulare County Fire Department reported. The collision occurred at 6:16 pm in

Cyclists impeding traffic in Florida

Examiner.com – Regardless, there’s a tendency for police officers to enforce impeding traffic laws against cyclists as a means of promoting high traffic flow,

Opening Car Door Knocks Bicyclist into Path of NYC Transit Bus and Kills Her

InjuryBoard.com (blog) – A bicyclist is dead after an opening car door struck and pushed her into the path of a bus, says NY1.com. The accident happened early Wednesday morning,

Cyclist died from Clementi accident

Straits Times – By Mavis Goh ONE of two cyclists knocked down in Clementi on Sunday night by a suspected drink-driver died in hospital on Wednesday from head injuries.

Modesto cyclist dies in auto collision

Modesto Bee – The 73-year-old cyclist died Monday after he was struck by a pickup on southbound Claus Road near Scenic Drive. According to police, he was in the right

Paseo reopens after car kills bicyclist

KRQE – A car headed eastbound on Paseo del Norte near Second Street lost control, drove off the road and through a fence, killing a bicyclist on the bicycle trail,

Bicyclist hit by vehicle in Chino Hills

San Bernardino Sun – A 17-year-old bicyclist on Sunday night suffered major injuries after being hit by a vehicle. The Chino Hills boy was traveling east about 9 pm on Valle

Pickup truck hits, kills bicyclist near I-17

AZFamily by Jennifer Thomas PHOENIX — A 51-year-old bicyclist was killed after he was hit by a pickup truck at Interstate 17 and Glendale Avenue Monday morning.

7-year-old hit-and-run victim dies

by khou.com staff HOUSTON — A 7-year-old girl left in critical condition after a hit-and-run at Bear Creek Park died Tuesday evening, officials said. 

Zambia: Bus Runs Over Chibombo Cyclist

AllAfrica.com – A 29-year-old man of Chitanda area in Chibombo died on the spot at the weekend after being hit by a bus on the Lusaka-Mumbwa road.

ChipSeal: Impede Traffic, Pull Over a Cyclist!

By ChipSeal – The cyclist was traveling west-bound on East Ennis Avenue having just crossed Kaufman Avenue, on his way home with groceries. He was pulled over in the 200 block in heavy traffic. Because there was no place to pull off the roadway,

Crap Cycling & Walking in Waltham Forest: Woman cyclist crushed by

By freewheeler – Last Thursday, on what felt like a warm, sunny first day of Spring, I was witness to the immediate aftermath of a collision involving a cyclist and a 32 tonne articulated lorry. It was a truly horrible, chilling sight.


March 22nd, 2010

Last week was a busy week for those of us who discuss cycling. On Wednesday the founder of Road ID used Twitter to gather attention to an aging, balding, grey Van Dyke sporting, AM radio host named Tony Kornheiser, who stated on air that cyclists need to be “run down.”

The twitterverse acted quickly making Kornheiser it’s most popular twat.  In another spineless move Kornheiser used his ESPN weight and called on Lance Armstrong to set the stage for an apology.  Lance accepted Kornheiser’s impotent, “I’m sorry,” for condoning vehicular manslaughter over the airwaves to the ears of millions of people with bumper stickers like this. (Suckin Gas And Hauling Ass!!!)

According to Lance’s twitter feed, Tony didn’t mean what he said he was only joking, but both cyclists and car’s need to exhibit mutual respect for each other.  Respect I agree with; if there is going to be any successful road sharing, the duty falls equally on cyclists and motorists to share.  But instead of creating a wider national conversation about “mutual respect” or road sharing or the fact that in the United States more cyclists are killed on the roads than in any other country on the planet- nothing happened.

Click on the Graph we found this weekend from Twitter pal @Amsterdamized

Kornheisergate ended with hardly a ripple in the media.  I’d love to see Tony Kornheiser have to commute to work via bicycle, perhaps then he’d get a perspective of what its like riding a 20 pound machine next to a two-thousand pound truck with tinted windows as the driver talks on the phone and sips a big gulp.

Kornheiser’s transcript and comments, a quick and infuriating read.


Taker easy,


Maryland Crab Cars

February 12th, 2010

One year ago, 21 year old Tressa Russell ran over 66 year old Stanly Brown (February 11, 2009) when she drove away from a pizzeria.  Last week she was sentenced to 3 years of probation, 240 hours of community service and a fine of $5,400.00.  What bothers me is not the lack of incarceration but her utter deficient humanity, oh yeah I didn’t mention, she thought she hit a pothole so she kept on driving.  She only returned to the scene after she called a friend who told her there were police and ambulances where she said she hit that pothole.

Link to the story from the Albany Times Union : http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=896427

In an exact quote from her statement printed by the Albany Times Union, she plead guilty primarily, “so I could get my car back and to make the victim’s sisters happy for the loss of their brother.”

The article continued, “The defendant (Tressa Russell) appears to be more upset about the loss of her car and license than the loss of the life of the victim, Stanley Brown.”

In court, Russell’s attorney, Joseph McCoy, said his client was remorseful. He said his client’s decision to leave the scene in no way contributed to the victim’s death.

Just hitting Stanley with her car contributed to him dying.

I hope that our cultural apathy takes a break when hearing story’s like this, until that happens I’m going to continue talking about it.

At least Mercedes Benz is working on an affordable car that senses when the operator is getting drowsy through a complicated system of behavior monitoring, a feature they call ATTENTION ASSIST http://bit.ly/bGQ6B0 (An article if you dig reading propaganda like I do or you could just check the videos below).


Cooler feature  :


Volvo has also developed a slick safety system where the car automatically brakes in the event an obstacle pops up.  If the car senses the driver is not braking hard enough the system will engage more power to the brakes to avoid a collision.


*please note this video is almost 4 years old, these features are currently available now in 2010.

These are amazing advances to keep people safe, except the focus remains on protecting the driver from himself.

Since saving drivers is crucial to car companies, how about developing a sensor (similar to those high frequency warnings used to steer deer away from our precious grills) that alerts the driver they are in a populated zone and to: “Be careful, there are humans around, walking and cycling, watch out! They may hurt us!”  Of course the effort being to spare car buyers from 240 hours of community service or the nuisance of losing their car after committing manslaughter.

Yesterday the Maryland State Senate passed SB 51 requiring motorists to yield right-of-way at intersections when a cyclist is in a designated bike lane or lawfully riding on the shoulder.  The article on the Baltimore Sun’s website has some colorful comments, getting angry reading them is pointless, consider the source and then hope they lose their license .  My eternal favs though are anyone who equates riding a bike and legislation for cycling as socialism.


Some light reading at the end of this dark post, here is the bill’s published pdf.


Happy Valentine’s Day.


My Google Alerts

February 1st, 2010

“It’s difficult to encourage people to go out and use the roadways if we don’t have laws to protect them.”

Said Clinton Parks and Recreation Department Director Ray Holloway, quote taken from the Clinton News in Clinton, Mississippi.

According to the same article Tupelo, Mississippi is the first city in the State to adopt a 3-foot passing law!  Currently there is no such law on the books in New York State.  If Mississippi can do it, it can be done anywhere!  I would also like to point out that for the past few weeks Oprah has been on air urging people to stop texting while driving and to turn off their cell phones entirely, I applaud her for that.  I along with BIKESNOBNYC would love it if she’d spend a minute pointing a finger towards the helmet-less hipsters thumbing away on their iphones while pedaling down the roads on their fixies.  Utterly hypocritical of cyclists to ask drivers not to text and drive, all the while texting and riding?

So instead of coming up with clever ways to urge people to drive and ride safer I am going to share what comes to my email inbox every morning.  Before 9 am there are three Google alerts waiting for me to read, the first search term and most heart-breaking: hit and run, the next is: bicyclists and the third simply: cyclist.

If you are not familiar with a Google Alert here is the definition: Google Alerts are emails automatically sent to you when there are new Google results for your search terms

In an effort to make the biggest impact I am going to copy these alerts from Wednesday January 28, 2010 and Thursday January 29, 2010.  I chose these two days arbitrarily.

Wednesday Jan 28, 2010. Google Alert for Hit and Run

Teacher injured in hit-and-run

A Central Kentucky teacher is in serious condition at UK Hospital after being hit by a car.

Police: Hit-And-Run Driver Was A Woman – Connecticut News Story

CANTON, Conn. — Police say they have located a car in connection with a hit-and-run in Canton that left a 7-year-old girl injured. Wednesday, January 27, 2010.

Two Suspected Drunk Drivers Crash Into Each Other in Van Nuys

The driver of the truck was put under arrest for a felony hit-and-run and is still under investigation for a misdemeanor DUI. “It was ugly,” Los Angeles Police Officer James LaForce said in the Los Angeles Times.

Girl’s father recounts hit and run

A seven year old girl is recovering after being struck by a hit and run driver. Tonight, her father is talking about the accident that nearly took his

KCBS – 4 Injured in SF Hit and Run

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Four people were injured Wednesday morning following a hit and run crash in San Francisco’s Ingelside Heights neighborhood.

Hit-and-run charge added for U.S. soldier indicted in Okinawa

A US soldier charged with negligent driving resulting in death over a fatal accident last year in Yomitan, Okinawa Prefecture

Infant injured in Fife hit-and-run dies | Local News – The News

Jan. 27, 2010 – A 3-month-old boy hurt in what police say was a hit-and-run accident Sunday in Fife died Tuesday.

Hit and Run in Chubbuck, Police Look for Suspect – KPVI NEWS 6

Best source in East Idaho for news, weather and sports. Live streaming video. Covering Pocatello, Blackfoot, Rexburg, St. Anthony, Soda Springs,

Witness Helps Police Find Driver In Hit-And-Run – Pittsburgh News

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Police are crediting a witness for helping them catch the driver of a vehicle involved in a hit and run in Butler County late

Thursday January 29, 2010 Google Alert for Hit and Run

Trooper nearly struck during hit and run

Chicago Sun-Times The vehicle the trooper had pulled over was not hit either and no one was hurt, he said. ISP are hoping that video cameras installed on the squad car have a

Pedestrian injured in hit-and-run

BBC News, A 30-year-old man is being treated in hospital after he was deliberately struck by a car in a hit-and-run incident in Barlanark in Glasgow.

Saugus Man Killed By Hit & Run Driver

WBZ 84-year-old Christo Agganis was crossing Central Street near Saugus Center just after 5 pm on Thursday when he was hit by a dark colored, small to mid-size

Houston police: 1-year-old injured by hit-and-run driver

Houston Chronicle, A toddler was injured after he was run down by an apparent hit-and-run driver last weekend in north Houston, police said. Police initially today said the

3-month-old hit-and-run victim remembered

Northwest Cable News by CHRIS DANIELS / KING 5 News FIFE, Wash. – The Candles lit up a Fife neighborhood. You could see them from a few blocks away – each one, representing a

$50000 Reward Offered For Hit and Run Killer Of DHS Girl

KPSP Local 2, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered a $50000 reward for information leading to the identity and arrest of the hit and run driver who

Suspected Hit & Run Driver Injures School Crossing Guard

KESQ This afternoon, police say 39-year-old Mandy Guntman of Palm Desert was arrested, and booked for felony driving under the influence and hit and run.

One-year-old boy injured by hit-and-run driver

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Authorities want to find the driver who hit a baby and fled the scene. Police say at about 4:30pm Sunday, a one-year-old boy was found in

Two women injured in hit-and-run

BBC News Police said a 46-year-old woman was struck by a black-coloured BMW car as she crossed Union Street, near Argyle Street at about 1315 GMT on Thursday.

Macon man found guilty of vehicular homicide, hit and run

Macon Telegraph By AMY LEIGH WOMACK – awomack@macon.com A Bibb County jury has found a 28-year-old Macon man guilty of vehicular homicide and hit and run.

Tiptree hit and run leaves family shaken and road closed

Daily Gazette By Adam Cornell » A FAMILY has been shaken but not seriously injured in a hit and run crash in Tiptree. Police are trying to trace the driver of a white .

Hit-and-run charge added in Okinawa soldier’s case

Stars and Stripes By David Allen, Stars and Stripes NAHA, Okinawa — A soldier charged with vehicular manslaughter now faces an additional charge of hit-and-run.

Elderly man hurt in Harlingen hit-and-run

KGBT-TV Harlingen police are asking for the public’s help in finding the driver of an SUV that hit an elderly man and fled the scene. Investigators told Action 4

Driver Wanted for Hit-and-Run

Goose Creek, SC – The South Carolina Highway Patrol say they are looking for the driver of a burgundy Pontiac Bonneville in connection with a hit and run on

Two women injured in city centre hit-and-run

Glasgow Evening Times The pair were struck by a black car as they tried to cross Union Street yesterday afternoon. It happened just a day after an 87-year-old woman was killed

Update On Hit & Run Victim Jeff Kearney: Having “Better Days”

The B-Town Blog (blog) Lots of Readers have been asking about Jeff Kearney, the mentally-challenged man who was the victim of a hit-and-run last November in White Cent

Judge clears former Peninsula tourism coordinator; husband awaits trial in hit

Peninsula Daily James McCauley, 60, is charged with second-degree assault with a deadly weapon and with hit-and-run resulting in injury of a pedestrian.

Brierley Hill newsagent jailed for hit and run death

Stourbridge News At Wolverhampton Crown Court Judge Michael Challinor told hit and run driver Zahid Hussain that while the family of Mushraf Surti were grieving he was

Fairhaven Police and fire

Advocate 3 am, assist other police, New Boston Rd.; 9:49 am, hit & run, Hathaway St.; 2:31 pm, accident, Livsey Parkway; 5:21 pm, shoplifting, Sarah’s Way; 5:37 pm,

Driver Runs Over 1-Year-Old, Flees

Houston according to the statement. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact the HPD Hit and Run Detail at 713-247-4065.

Police release damaged SUV

Cape Cod Times By MATTHEW M. BURKE PLYMOUTH — The SUV that investigators believe struck and killed a Buzzards Bay teen in a hit-and-run crash early New Year’s Day has been

Teens Charged In Deadly Stone Mountain Crash

WSBtv.com Two teens have been arrested in connection with a fatal hit-and-run near Stone Mountain High School on Jan. 20 that killed a 14-year-old.

Injured skateboarder identified

St. Augustine Record By STAFF Police have released the name of a 6-year-old injured in a possible hit-and-run crash Monday. Sheppard Gutierrez was riding his skateboard in St.

Crime report – Windsor Heights

DesMoinesRegister.com 14 – Police charged a 20-year-old Johnston woman with hit and run. 7229 University Ave., Jan. 14 – Police received a report of a theft from Kum & Go.

Wednesday January 28, 2010 Google News Alert for Bicyclist

Besides pedestrians, New York City streets are safer for drivers, passengers

New York Daily News Driver and passenger deaths fell 20% from 2008, motorcyclist deaths fell 30% and bicyclist deaths plunged 54% – which city officials said was because of new

Columbia bicyclist lawsuit settled hours before trial begins

The State By JOHN MONK – jmonk@thestate.com A civil lawsuit in federal court involving a defendant who killed two bicyclists while driving and allegedly talking on a

Bicyclist struck on Elm Street

Lodi News-Sentinel The driver of a silver Saturn clipped a bicyclist heading east on Elm Street before crashing into a telephone pole at the intersection of Elm Street and Ham

LA council studies ways of protecting bicyclists

Daily Breeze By Rick Orlov Staff Writer Concerned that bicyclists have become targets of road rage, the Los Angeles City Council asked its staff Wednesday to determine

Settlement reached in bicyclist’s death

HOUSTON (KTRK) — Houston city council has voted on a settlement for the parents of a bicyclist who was killed when two Houston fire trucks crashed last

10-year-old bicyclist struck, injured on Dale Mabry

Tampa Tribune TAMPA – A 10-year-old child was seriously injured this afternoon when he rode his bicycle in front of a car, Tampa police say. The child was crossing but

Norton man admits killing North Canton bicyclist

Canton Repository By Anonymous, A Norton man admitted in court Wednesday to killing a bicyclist during a hit-skip crash in North Canton this summer. Joseph C. Klaus, 24,

Police: Car strikes, kills 11-year-old bicyclist

Tampabay.com By Kim Wilmath, Times Staff Writer TAMPA — An 11-year-old bicyclist died after he was hit by a car about 1 pm at S Dale Mabry Highway and W Bay Avenue,

Bicyclist remains in critical condition after Pompano Beach accident

Sun-Sentinel By Juan Ortega, Sun Sentinel A 60-year-old bicyclist is in critical condition after a car struck him in Pompano Beach, officials said Wednesday.

Safe passing ordinance up for debate in San Antonio

San Antonio Express When a pedestrian or bicyclist is seriously hurt or injured, the case often ends up in civil court, he said, which is punishment in itself.

Thursday January 29, 2010 Google News Alert for Bicyclist.

Bicyclist killed in crash with truck, police investigating

Statesman Journal “When deputies and medics arrived, the bicyclist, an adult male, was injured and unconscious,” Schultz said. The man died at the scene despite receiving

Study Finds Biking, Walking Save Lives

Bicycle Retailer “Bicycling and Walking in the United States: The 2010 Benchmarking Report” reveals that in almost every state and major US city, bicyclists and pedestrians

VALLEY POLICE BEAT: Bicyclist injured in collision with car

Imperial Valley Press (subscription) (press release) By SILVIO J. PANTA, Staff Writer BRAWLEY — A 21-year-old bicyclist suffered unspecified injuries Tuesday night during a collision with a moving car,

Tempering LA’s road rage

Ted Rogers, a blogger and veteran bicyclist. “Yet, I’ve been honked at, yelled at, told to get off the road, had objects thrown at me, I’ve been buzzed

San Francisco Lawyer injury attorney Mary Alexander recognized for achieving

Palo Alto bicyclist killed by Caltrans SUV – San Francisco Bicycle Accident Lawyer S

Wednesday January 28, 2010, Google News Alert for Cyclist.

Teenage driver faces jail after cyclist’s death

Cambridge News A TEENAGE motorist was facing jail today after being found guilty of causing the death by dangerous driving of an Army major at 70mph during a cycling time

Cyclist supporter alleges road rage incident

Stuff.co.nz The Christchurch editor of a sport website embroiled in an online war of words between cyclists and motorists was himself allegedly assaulted in a road rage

Driver guilty over cyclist’s death on Cambridgeshire A1

BBC News A 19-year-old motorist who hit and killed a cyclist on the A1 in Cambridgeshire has been found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

Cyclists versus cars

AsiaOne Here is a selection: Much has been said about cyclists sharing roads with cars and I would like to give some suggestions. There are two categories of

Cyclist injured in police involved accident

6abc.com of one stolen from another section of the city. As officers converged, the cyclist lost control and slammed into at least one of the two involved cruisers.

See all stories on this topic

With Pedestrian Deaths Up, Mayor, DOT, and NYPD Pledge Safer Streets

Streetsblog New York (blog) Cyclist deaths, meanwhile, dropped from 26 in 2008 to 12 last year. Although the small sample size of cyclist fatalities makes it difficult to draw hard and

Thursday January 28, 2010, Google News Alert for Cyclist

A to study ways to protect bicyclists, considers ‘bill of rights’

Los Angeles Times Among the ideas being consider: creating bike sharing lanes in certain areas, improving training for police and creating a cyclist “Bill of Rights.”

‘Solar Cyclists‘ spend two days in Gainesville

Gainesville Sun “Solar Cyclist” Jamie Vining, left, converses with one of those who participated in Thursday’s Solar Expo on the Plaza of the Americas.

Dyers Pass cyclist attacked

Stuff.co.nz By GLENN CONWAY – The Press RED-NECKED: Cyclist Rik Unthank sports red marks on his neck after being attacked by the passenger of a vehicle that he claimed

Miami DWI Death Galvanizes Cyclists in South Florida

Streetsblog New York (blog) by Brad Aaron on January 28, 2010 Cyclists rally in memory of Christophe Le Canne. Photo: rydel/Picasa via Miami Bike Scene The horrific death of a

Whitmore Lake driver who struck, killed cyclist enters plea deal

AnnArbor.com A Whitmore Lake man whose vehicle struck and killed a bicyclist in Northfield Township last summer pleaded no contest to negligent homicide.

City’s bike lanes need revamp: advocates

National Post The Toronto Cyclist Union says that safer, separated lanes are the key to getting more people riding their bikes, according to board member Dave Meslin.


This information weighs on me daily and I cannot express enough how avoidable these collisions are.  The only place where cars and trucks are the lone travelers on a roadway is the highway.  On every other drivable surface there are any number of obstacles that could insult the “right of way” of motorists, so pay attention and be alert whether you ride a bike or are just crossing the street, hopefully the cars will slow down and we’ll all be safe.

PC Feb.2010

Why Cars Hate Us!

November 24th, 2009

I have spent the last few weeks trying to figure out why drivers hate cyclists.  It seems most drivers will not tolerate any interruption to their driving experience including slowing down and yielding to pedestrians or moving over a few feet for cyclists.  Perhaps that’s too tall an order considering drivers won’t even yield to one another.   Our cars are not a sovereign nation that needs defending from occupation at every mile marker.  What is it about driving that makes drivers feel the road is theirs alone and everyone else is trespassing in their route?

Last week while visiting Munich I got the impression that driving was truly looked on as a privilege.  Almost everywhere I went there was a bike rack, bike lanes with separate traffic signals, bike paths, bikers and bike shops.  It was incredible, a more organized Amsterdam, cyclists passed pedestrians and blended seamlessly with automobiles.

Even more astonishing at every intersection pedestrians would wait for a “walk” signal.  This stunning phenomenon occurred even if cars were stopped long enough to for it to seem obvious it was safe to cross, regardless people would not walk unless the sign told them so.  Amazing! What a concept.  Back here people walk out in the street whenever they feel like it and feel justified in doing so.


Shifting gears from irony and humor to sadness, a bicycle commuter was hit and killed by a bus a few weeks ago in the same town where I was hit.  I rode along with 29 other riders in the bicycle procession from his funeral to his burial, a moving tribute I am glad to have been a part of.



Though touched, part of me was troubled by a couple of the riders around me.

After the first turn, I heard a voice say “On your left!”  I looked over my shoulder to finda woman dressed in black and yellow off her saddle pumping her legs and sneering at me.  There was plenty of room for her and four other bikes to pass me, but I shifted right anyway.

Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined any ride other than a slow, quiet convoy of cyclists paying respects to a fallen fellow.   Sadly I was proven wrong.

After being made fun of for not dressing for this Giro de Funeral in a tailored yellow cycling kit.  The aforementioned, “On your left!” gal was complaining that our pace was too slow.  At least she had enough sensitivity to take a direct connect cell phone call during the burial and final goodbyes and not while we were riding.  Someone should have told her that bushes, don’t dampen sound like her over priced carbon Scott roadie dampens asphalt vibration.

Her appalling behavior aside, what happened on the ride back bothers me even more.

It was raining, the roads were slick and covered with a solid layer of leaves, the shoulders were hardly wide enough to accommodate our tires.  The two riders in front of me were riding side by side talking, as the line of desperate cars trying to pass us grew, I kept shouting “Car Up,” “Car back,” “CAR” nothing moved these guys.  I fell back to observe the mess and because I didn’t care to keep up or be associated with a group that is embodies the reason cars hate cyclists.  The cars were trapped behind these riders for nearly a mile: a mile at 20mph for a car is eternity.

So I’ll say it again, forever and ever, Sharing the Road requires both cars and none cars to share together.  We need to yield just as much as they do!

I am not 100% innocent on this front either

Pete and I spent a lot of our ride time riding side by side when we could across the country.  After realizing we were hypocrites it was still a very hard habit to break.  Even now when I ride with other folks I love to talk with, I really have to be mindful of not hogging the road.  Us cyclists are going to have to be the change we want to see happen and that includes riding single file down single lane roads.  We could wear radio headsets (with one ear piece) to carry on conversations, but we need to universally work together as one, to set the good habits of road sharing for all road users.

And not to forget them when we turn the ignition of our cars when we’re not riding.

Happy Thanksgiving, be safe always!


Check out the new clip, I’m not the only one who flatted out or crashed!


She shoved a camera in my face!

October 14th, 2009

Today I had an amazing ride on a fresh trail, born just a few weeks ago.  The New York City parks department expanded the bridle path for horseback riding near City Island in the Bronx and I have patiently waited nearly a year to be able to bike it.

Today with the connections completed the mud diving commenced and aside from patches of black murky soaked earth mixed with horse feces the trails are sweet and never more than a quarter mile from the 6 train (a NYC Subway).

post mud diving

my legs post mud diving

I’ve become very conscientious, courteous and patient with the four-wheeled creatures, anticipating the occasional irresponsible behavior and ignoring it as best I can.  That has made for some pleasant rides, but ever so often I do run into that one selfish sheep that just pushes the right button and makes the beast within me growl, howl and spit.  So even after this incredible ride I ran into trouble when I got back to my suburban Westchester town.

I stopped at a light, waited until it turned green, signaled to the drivers on my left that I was going to go straight and hugged the row of parallel-parked cars.  I was passed twice without incident, the third vehicle a Cadillac Escalade got right next to me and blasted its unusually loud obnoxious horn, which felt like a chilly sonic punch into my ear.  Startled and shocked I pulled off my handlebars and shouted, ”Seriously?”

Out of anger I tracked the car to its parking spot.  As I pulled up the driver rolled down the window and before I could say anything, the woman had her iphone in my face shouting, “You’re on camera now so go ahead!”  I chuckled at that and shrugged at the camera and her need to film me, then asked,” Did you want to say something to me?  Why did you sound that horn?”  She responded, “You were in the middle of the road.”  Being confident that I was nowhere near the middle of the road, I said, “No, no I wasn’t.” She then said, ”How would you know, you don’t have a mirror on your bike…” Realizing quickly this was a no win situation for me I decided to give in to her and say “No, no I don’t have a mirror, you’re right, I should have one…” as I was about to apologize she rolled up her window, opened her car door shoving me with it and told me to get out of her way, all the while keeping her camera phone in my face as she stormed off to the store.

Feeling like a self-righteous jerk I went home, knowing full well my stand for cyclists had failed and probably made things worse for the next rider she encounters.  If her behemoth 7 foot, wide Cadillac Escalade, is too big for her to handle then maybe she shouldn’t drive it?  Obviously she doesn’t want to share road space, or fuel but I am going to hold back my rant on that and offer up this photograph instead.

Surf Utility Vehicle - please click the image for a funny story

Surf Utility Vehicle - please click the image for a funny story

Why is it ok for her and all (terrible) drivers not to expect cyclists or pedestrians to be using the street?  Why did I have to apologize to her for being in her way?  Her car takes up almost half of the two lane road. Perhaps her space station sized submarine of a grocery getter scares her, as if blowing her horn was her way of saying, ”I can’t drive this, please, for your own safety get out of the way!”  Maybe that’s how I should look at it?

Governor Rick Perry of Texas, vetoed a Safe Passing Bill in June, here is a link to his objections.  Not that a safe passing law could have saved Gregory and Alexandra Bruehler who were killed when a pickup truck veered into the shoulder where they were riding their tandem, but at least this incident wouldn’t have been called an accident.  This story is made even more heartbreaking because the couple’s seven-year old daughter is now orphaned.



If you take a look at the San Antonio News Article you’ll notice the comments are striking.  Its as if driving folks think bicycles have no place on our roads and completely miss the point that regardless of annoyance (to them) they are human powered, meaning they are not some cockroaches taking up your precious tarmac that if encountered need to be eradicated.  We are human beings, not roaches.