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Press Release & Itinerary

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

As our cross-country bike trip and film shoot rapidly approach and our excitement builds, we have posted a press release and the trip’s itinerary online.  Check out the itinerary and email us to arrange to meet up with- or even ride with- us.  You can also help us to spread the word and get publicity by sending our press release to your local media.

Have a great and safe summer!

Raleigh Bicycles

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Yesterday, Monday July 21, Julia, Peter and I (the Long Bike Back Team) were at the Inside Edge in Glens Falls, NY to pick up our brand new Raleigh bicycles.  Bill Trombley, Inside’s master mechanic, personally met us before the shop opened to finish assembling and fit us to the bikes.  The entire staff including Bill, Doug Baehme and the owners have all been awesome in their support of us and our project. 

Back in May, Bill at the Inside Edge had tuned up my 29er so I could test the old legs on the 36 miles of brutal hills that comprise Route 20 between Skaneateles and Cazenovia.  My cyclometer displayed a speed I’d never seen before going down into Cardiff and it took me over 11 minutes at 8 mph to climb the tallest hill I’ve ever seen out side of Cazenovia.

Anyway let me talk about the bikes! I am not all about gear– but I want a bike that inspires me to ride better.  Raleigh met this by sending us a Cadent FC & a Cadent FT1.  Both bikes, in my opinion, transcend hybrid. They beg for ridiculous speed and react as well if not better than any road bike I’ve been on or ridden next to at the Gimbel’s.  I have to admit that I love Carbon – the whole concept of being incredibly light and freakishly strong, simply inspires me.

To me these are not just bikes. These machines are the culmination of two years of work, two years of swallowing pain, two years of laying on my back dreaming of going fast again, dreaming of the open road, dreaming of being me again.  These bikes are not just bikes; they are our tools of change.  They are taking Pete and me across the country, through big cities and small towns, and ultimately into movie theaters and living rooms around the globe.  These are not just bikes; these machines will help make all of us safer.


-Pearson July 22, 2008. 11:28 PM, NY



Welcome to the official blog for THE LONG BIKE BACK!

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Pearson & Pete riding in NYC

Here you will find postings from Pearson and Pete about their cross-country bicycle trip and their advocacy mission.  You’ll also find updates from Julia about the documentary film chronicling Pearson’s journey back to the bike.  You can still find our full website at

We are in the final weeks of fundraising and planning before the epic trip and film shoot (tax-deductible donations can be made by going to and choosing Julia Wrona / The Long Bike Back from the drop down menu).  The trip begins in Newport Oregon on August 12, Pearson’s 30th birthday, it will cover all of US Route 20 and end in Cape Cod Massachusetts on October 1st.  Check back here often for notes, thoughts, ramblings and photos from the trip.

Have a great summer and enjoy your bike!

-THE LONG BIKE BACK team: Pearson, Pete & Julia

Pete, Julia & Pearson after the Ride of Silence